How to Add PDO to NX-IO

Sometimes we want to use additional parameters of NX modules. If they are not exist we have to add them to modul. These parameters called as PDO. We can read and write values from/to module parameters. If we use ethercat we can find, add or delete PDOs in Ethercat menu. This menu is in the Sysmac Studio Multiview Explorer.

However if we want to add PDOs to NX IO modules they are not in Ethercat menu. Here is the way.

I used NX-EC0142 Incremental Encoder Input Unit. You may use other modules however parameter change according to used module, as you know.

  1. Click CPU Rack
  2. Click IO module which we will add PDO
  3. Click Edit I/O Allocation Settings
  1. Select Output Data Set 1
  2. Click Add I/O Entry

I selected Ch1 Preset Command Value because i want to reset counter via Encoder Counter Operation Command. Select this option and click OK.


And finally you can have access to Encoder Counter Operation Command.

Be aware that when you add Encoder Counter Operation Command to I/O Map, encoder will stop counting because all settings will turn FALSE.

You must assign a variable to Counter Enable and set it TRUE within your program. You can use other parameters such as Internal Reset Execution to reset encoder counter status (current value) or External Reset Enable to reset encoder counter status with an external input.